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One of my dear bloggy loves, Nicole over at Treasure Tromp tagged me in a little "6 things" tag (she gave me 6 questions to answer) and I decided to play along!

6thingsQ1SacSunset I live near Sacramento, up in Northern California and this is why I love it:

1. Sacramento is perfectly placed for day trips. We're only 2 hours from the snow in Lake Tahoe, 2 hours from wine in Napa Valley, 3 hours from the beach in Santa Cruz, 2 hours from the city of San Francisco and 2.5 hours from nature in Calaveras. The only downside is that Disneyland/LA is roughly 6.5 hours away.
2. The weather. Hot summers and very little rain!
3. We're an up and coming foodie city!

6thingsQ2Okay, I know I mention her more times than I could count but I really admire Emily from Anna Delores Photography. When I found Emily's blog, she blogged about photography. Then when we met for the first time in person, Emily talked about starting photography as a full time job. Today, she's a well established wedding photographer with a brand new office and tons of satisfied clients. I swear it sounds like I'm a total fangirl over here but I'm so proud to have a friend who started her own business and is living her dream, everyday!

6thingsQ3BestDayEverSurprise family vacation and an engagement? Best day of my entire life, hands down.

6thingsQ4PJChristmasI think my favorite would have to be PJ Christmas day. We celebrate a dressy dinner at our house on Christmas Eve when we open up presents and eat ridiculous amounts of food but the next day we go to my aunts' house and dress in our pajamas for brunch and play with all our toys. Most memorable present? When we got Just Dance for the Wii and we had everyone up dancing! (Picture of PJ Christmas circa 2010)

6thingsQ5 I'm dyingggg to learn how to sew. I finally bought a class on groupon but have yet to go so I'll keep you all posted. I'd also love to learn how to scuba dive and speak another language fluently.

6thingsQ6 I'm definitely at my best when I'm surrounded by friends and family. I naturally prefer social environments (a.k.a. not a fan of alone time) and I'm happiest when surrounded by the people that know me best. I'm also very much a morning person, I need to be surrounded by natural light and I'm in the best mood after I've eaten. If I'm ever alone, starving and in the dark, don't approach me (unless you have food!).

So I'm going to tag these fabulous ladies:

So they can pick 6 of these questions:
1. What is the motto/quote that defines your life?
2. Who is the most influential person in your life?
3. Favorite childhood snack?
4. What's your favorite thing to buy that's under $20?
5. What 3 words define your blog?
6. If you get any college major in the world, what would you choose?
7. Where is your favorite place in the world?
8. If you could break one law with no penalties, what would it be?
9. What is your favorite day of the year?

And since I love getting to know my readers, I'd love if you'd also pick at least one of those questions above and answer it in a comment below! 🙂 Answer them all if you'd like!



 Happy Tuesday everyone!

I love the Me, Myself and I monthly link up! I decided to let photos do most of the speaking for me.

Photo Sources 1/me/3/4/5/6/7

So everyone ALWAYS makes fun of me about my superpower of choice but seriously, who doesn't get jazzed when you pay with exact change?! I mean I know everyones going to say, "ability to fly/teleport/save lives" blah blah haha so I wanted to be original. 

If I could only shop in 3 stores for the rest of my life with an unlimited budget, I figure Target would give me all of life's necessities and I love their clothes. JoAnns I need for crafting, party planning, general hobbies etc. Macy's has a Clinique/Benefit/MAC counter and they sell Michael Kors so that was somewhat of a cheat. This is proof I'm not really a fancy girl, I'm rather easy to please don't you think? Link up below!

I'd love to hear some of YOUR answers, share some with me!


Happy Tuesday ya'll!

Joining in with one of my favorite getting-to-know you parties: Me, Myself and I. (Click on the button below to join in!)
First off, I'm a huge believer in the power of a good cry. If the situation calls for it, just let it out. Then I'll either turn on some Backstreet Boys or flip on an episode of cheesy reality TV. Occasionally I'll shop out my emotions too (not recommended!).

After spending some time in Carsland in California Adventure, I'm sure that I would be a 50s girl. The retro 50s music in Carsland had me dancing all over the place. Diners, drive in movies, and poodle skirts, YES. Frank Sinata, Dean Martin, Elvis?! The music, fashion, everything was fabulous. Easy.

Carsland! More pics coming soon 🙂

So it wasn't Halloween but in college, I attended more themed parties than I can count. My favorite one by far? Disney themed party where I was Boo from Monsters Inc.

Sorry for the grainy photo and terrible bangs, clearly my iPhone didn't exist back then (Blackberry whut whutttt) but this costume was completely made of felt. You know those heavy plastic bags that comforters come in? That's what the felt is sewn to. Needless to say I was desperately sweating all night (hence the bangs). But well worth it. Thank you Jennifer for helping me construct it! 🙂 And because I can't end this with just showing you my costume:

For the privacy of my best friends, names will be withheld (especially for the Hunchback, she's gonna kill me. Love you BESTIE!). For those of you who remember this night, my FAMILY reads this blog and I'll delete your comment if I have to! Haha 😉

1. I CANNOT stand the sound of metal on metal. Rings going down a metal banister = DEATH. It scratches at my soul.
2. As soon as I get home, I have to change into "home clothes". It's like an instant stripdown.
3. I am a car sleeper. I can fall asleep crazy fast in the car, within minutes.
4. I am deathly afraid of opening credit lines. I have 1 credit card with a very low limit because I don't really trust myself with more.
5. I hate wearing shoes. Every chance I get, my shoes are off (If we're ever having dinner, check under the table, my shoes are probably off). At the same time I LOVE collecting shoes.

Oh wow. I would tell myself to RELISH in the youth. I'd remind myself to take more pictures because you're going to meet the future love of your life that year (and you never know when they might be in a wedding slideshow 😉 ). I would tell myself that college is going to be HARD and that I should probably think a liiiiitle harder about my career path. I'd pat myself on the back for how skinny I was back then. But in the end, I would just tell myself to just keep truckin on, life is going to turn out great!

Can't believe I was 16 in this picture. Happy to note some of the people in these pictures are still our best friends!

I just adore this link up!

What would you say to your 16 year old self??

Have a great day everyone!


Happy Tuesday loves!

So for the first time I decided to join the Me, Myself & I Link Up Party, where bloggers answer some questions about themselves! This is just what I needed because I know how badly my "About Me" tab needs major revamping...

Join in! 🙂

True life: I still cry when a needle approaches me. I am deathly, and I mean DEATHLY afraid of shots. And it's not the pain of the shot I'm terrified of, it's just an inexplicable feeling of anxiousness that comes with knowing a shot is coming. It can be as little as a TB test or a flu shot, either way I'm in hysterics for almost a half hour prior to the moment the needle is in me. I don't have a fear of blood or needles either, its just needles approaching me that completely terrifies me. I know pregnancy is going to be miserable.

Oh wow, this question is HARD. I mean there are so many monumental days in my life so far: the day both my siblings were born, graduation (when my heel broke off) and even recently when my brother won state. But the night that sticks out most in this moment was senior year of high school, our football playoff game Sheldon vs. our rivals Elk Grove. Rob (who was just my "best friend" back then) was a captain for that game, playing starting O-line. It was SUCH a close game and in the last few seconds, Sheldon pulled out the most epic win. It's like the feeling in the air was ELECTRIC that night, such joy and adrenaline everywhere. Everyone rushed the field cheering and I remember Rob coming straight to me and asked me out on our first date right then, standing on that field post victory. I'll never forget us standing there hugging and just feeling like something big was happening. 6 years and 8 months later, I think it's still one of my favorite memories of us together.

Truth be told, I think my favorite year so far was my 21st. It was the year I graduated college. It was the last year all my best friends would only be a 5 minute drive away. It was the year that recruitment fell on my birthday and my sorority played an inappropriate birthday song to me in front of our new members, which I laughed for days about. It was the year my roomy and I did house dinners and LOVED them. It was the last year I could go to Forever 21, spend all the money in my account and not worry about it. It was the year we cooked a full turkey for Thanksgiving for our friends. It was the year I could finally have a REAL drink, not made in a pitcher or giant cooler. It was the year of captaining a houseboat and Disneyland for spring break with my best friends.  It was the year I bought my first pet ever and loved him incessantly. Basically an all around GREAT year (clearly before adulthood happened lol)!

No one! I cringe at this question because I'm Pacific Islander and there's like a grand total of 4 famous Pacific Islander celebrities in America (and unfortunately for me, I don't look anything like Vanessa Minillo). But back in the day, a few people used to pay me the EXTREMELY high compliment of saying I looked like Kristin Kreuk from Smallville. I mean who doesn't dream of looking like her?

Lol for the sake of laughing, I had to put this up. I mean if I were had a MUCH smaller and dainty face and if I were like 12 shades lighter and changed my bone structure, then MAYBE . But otherwise, those people were lying to me. Haha

Wow, this could go on forever but here are ones that would definitely be on there:

  • Backstreet Boys "As Long as You Love Me"
  • Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat "Lucky"
  • Whitney Houston "How Will I Know"
  • The Script "Man Who Can't Be Moved"
  • Journey "Don't Stop Believing"
  • One Republic "Secrets"
  • Spice Girls "Wannabe"
  • John Lengend "Everybody Knows"

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me! 🙂

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