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Before we get started, I guest posted (a good read for all you girls in a long term relationship) over at one of my favorite blogs, Tammy's Lemons, Avocados and the Bay while she's in Israel. So feel free to stop by, get to know Tammy's blog and leave me some comment love, I would really appreciate it! 🙂

It's that time again friends....

Let's Get Physical April!


So personal training has been going really well. I haven't missed a session yet so that means I am at the gym at least twice a week (which is 200% more than I used to go before I hired one). I'll blog about my experience with personal training soon, maybe as a mid-point check in for April. 🙂 So while I'm getting to be more physically active, I do feel like I need to work on other aspects. For some reason, March was a month that Rob and I decided to "act our own age" and that means I've had a few more glasses of beer, wine and late night bites. I need to make sure to account for that extra fun we're having. Also, I'm making a bigger effort to pick better food when we're eating out. Goodbye cheese fries, deep fried fish and pasta. It's time to quit cheating myself by acting like eating out is an excuse to splurge, it's NOT.

I've been reading Mama Laughlin lately to get my pumped for my weight loss. She is not only hilarious and basically everything I want to be, she's lost so much weight (the healthy way) and looks amazing!  I've got a short 2 months until engagement photos and roughly 14 months until the wedding. It's now or never!

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It's only a few months until summer and beach season, do you have any fitness goals you're working towards?

Anyone have any low calorie advice on beer and wine? 😉

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