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It's that time again....

Let's Get Physical!

And because I have some pretty awesome friends who join in with this little link up of mine, I wanted to showcase some of their beautiful faces so without further adieu...

LGPRoyalty via Simply Evani

Find 'em here: Melissa -  Rima   -  Brighton  - Lyss

The point of Let's Get Physical is to connect with others who are on a fitness journey as well. If you don't relate to at least one food weakness or motivation of the ladies above, I just don't think you are a human being. I for one, relate to all of them (I may be biased because they're all close bloggy friends of mine).

So here's my check in of Let's Get Physical for February:

LGPFeb2013 with Simply Evani

Simply Evani
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Link up today! (Open unto Feb 12 at 11:59 pm PST) Don't know how? Read this!


What serves as your BEST source of motivation to get some exercise?

How are you doing on any fitness relation resolutions you made in January?

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Vacation in Seattle was simply phenomenal but when I felt that California sunshine hit me through the plane window, I swear I nearly lost my marbles. I was overjoyed. It's official, I cannot live anywhere that doesn't have sunshine 90% of the year. I can't wait to share all the yummy food photos with you, it was a foodie's heaven!

So it's that time again for Let's Get Physical! If you've never heard or participated in it before, I decided to make a little graphic explaining it more:

I have a love-hate relationship with writing these posts because I don't always make the monthly progress I hope for but I still like holding myself accountable. And when I stopped to think about my goals back in September and October, I was pleased with how much undercover progress I've made. Without even celebrating it or trying too hard, I've stopped eating late at night! That's big for me people! Without further ado, here's how I fared this month:

 How did you do this month? Link up from now until Friday, November 9th at 11:00 pm PST. There might be surprise giveaway in the works 😉

Simply Evani
<div align="center"><a href="http://simplyevani.com/category/lets-get-physical/" title="Simply Evani" target="_blank"><img src="http://evanigatbonton.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/fitnessbutton200.png" alt="Simply Evani" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Once you've linked up, don't forget to click on the 2 links above yours (or more) and leave them some encouragement!

Link up, make friends and have a great day! And YAY America! 🙂


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm hosting my first link up! And it's about fitness (say whatttttttt?!?). Here's my check in of Let's Get Physical for August!

I only had a legitimate 11 days since my last Fitness post so it's a little embarrassing that in that short of time, I already managed to break so many of my rules! Oh hell. Haha but you know what? That's the reality of my fitness journey and I'm not here to sugar coat it. I promise to be honest with you guys, so I can be honest with myself. So here goes peeps:

So the take away message is that I succeeded at water intake and I went to the gym for the first time in months! Although I fell off the wagon one night (and had late night fries) I feel like I took more steps forward than backwards! I can't want to see what his month brings because I'm SO committed to this, I'm in it to win friends!

On that note, I went to Yoga II (emphasis on the roman numeral 2) last night and it felt similar to what I imagine detox is like, meaning DEATH. Remember how I said had a no-sweating problem? Not last night I didn't! This weekend due to a good friend's peer pressure, I might've imbibed in a few drinks. Daily. And my body painfully sweated out that margarita, those glasses of wine and maybe a Blue Moon or 2. Le sigh.

Vacation, you ripped me a new one.

So the fun part of this link up is that I in fact cannot host a link up on my blog. WOMP WOMP. WordPress hosted .coms = Anti-everything fun. So instead, I can post this nifty link that takes you TO the link up. Please don't let this discourage you, next month will hopefully be different so link up this month regardless! The link up will be active until Thursday at 11 pm PST so feel free to come back and link up tomorrow if you want (details on how it works here).

Click Below to Add your Link!

How to approach the Link Up:

On the note of linking up with Let's Get Physical, I mentioned I wanted this to be a space to support and cheer each other on, not just to find followers. So my ONLY requirement is that you click on the TWO links directly above yours (after you've added your link) and leave them a comment about their fitness journey! It can be words of encouragement, a fitness tip or just to tell them you know how it feels! If you're feeling generous, stop by everyone's link and be that fitness support superstar! I hope I'm not asking too much, I just want us to really connect. 🙂

I'll be posting another entry later today (Whaaaaat, two posts in one day?!). It's still athletic related so come back later today for more from me!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!


Happy Friday ya'll!

It's time for the Blog Angels Reveal (hosted by the lovely Craftbotic)!
I was lucky enough to be paired with the lovely Megan from Shaping up to be a Mom.

As her blog angel, I tried as hard as I could (while trying to be subtle) to comment on her blog often, share her posts on my Facebook and Twitter and I even sent out her giveaway link in some of my emails. I wish I could have done more though!

My favorite posts of Megan's are the ones with pictures of her adorable kids Carter and Vanessa and her posts about her fitness journey. She definitely inspired me to start my own fitness journey recently by training for and completing her first half marathon! 13.1 miles, I was definitely proud of her (even if she has no clue who I am! haha)

The experience of being a blog angel was definitely an enjoyable one, it's so important to step back from the craziness of blogging to think about someone else too! I hope Megan feels like I did a decent job this month, I've loved getting to know her!

Fitness Journey link up information

So I had a few bloggers encourage me to make my fitness journey posts a monthly link up and I've decided I'm going to do it! I want to emphasize that this journey ISN'T just about getting skinny, it's about getting HEALTHY. Whether that's more exercise, better diet, more doctor's check ups, it's about getting the body to a healthy state. And I want this link up to be different, to be a place to find and give support rather than find followers. Every month the link up will also include health and fitness tips from anyone willing to share their knowledge! So here's a general outline of how it works:

Confessions - This can be for bad habits, realizations, the horrible truths! After your 1st time linking up, this will be where you assess how well you executed your goals (i.e. Confession: I completely failed at No-Fry August!). But confessions can also be good, like if you achieved weight loss or went for your annual check up.

Facts - Some people might call these excuses (and maybe they are) but this is your chance to air them out! Talk about why fitness is hard for you, why you ate especially bad for that month, why you didn't feel like working out for that week; basically this is where you air your grievances! At the end of the day, nobody's perfect and there will always be obstacles. This is a place to lay the obstacles out so we see them clearly (and so we can hurdle over them in our own time).

Goals - The easy/hard part! I'll leave this completely up to you, to set your own goals! They can be food related, exercise related to even just health/wellness related. Just list the goals you plan to work on for the month!

All of this is really up to your interpretation and my format is just a suggestion! 🙂

**But again I want to emphasize, please don't treat this like your standard link-up. I know sometimes we put our links on a linky list and never do anything with it (never visiting other sites and commenting or following). I want us to truly take the time to support each other and read about each other's accomplishments. I don't want this to be used to find followers, I want it to be more than that!

So anyways, if you're still reading this obnoxiously long entry (THANK YOU!), I just wanted to give you a heads up that the 1st Let's Get Physical Support Group (link up) will be happening on September 5th (the first Wednesday of the month). So if you wanted to get your blog post ready to link up, you know it's coming! I have no flippin idea how to create those nifty "grab my button html" things on WordPress so I'll work on getting something out on Sept. 4th (if you know how to do it on WordPress.com let me know please)!

Come join me on Sept 5th for the 1st ever Let's Get Physical Support Group Link up!

Okay I'm done boring you to death with my words, I just hope you link up! 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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