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Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Since I spent most of last night in a pile of kraft wrapping paper and ribbon, furiously working on Christmas presents, I figured I would finally share a recipe I've been bringing to all my potlucks lately. Who loves Nutella like I do?!?

Recipe from Daisy Chubb's, adapted from Delightful Bites, originating from Barbara Bakes
Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe adapted from AllRecipes (sans chips)
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I cannot sing enough praises about this recipe. First of all, the cookie dough is to die for. Then, you throw in the Nutella and it's unstoppable. I do want to note that because the cookies hang out in the mini muffin tin for awhile, I've found that the cookies need to come out of the oven sooner than a typical cookie. When you take them out, make sure they're closer to the soft side, because they'll continue baking in the tin while you make the cups and put the Nutella in. 

I've gotten really good feedback on these bad boys and some of that feedback has come from my own mouth. Lol. So give it a try!

What is your go-to recipe for potlucks? It's on my 25 before 25 list to find my signature dish so help me out!

Have a great hump day everyone!