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 Happy Wednesday!

Thank you for all the sweet words on yesterday's blog post! So far, Rob hasn't run for the hills so I think we'll make it to yet another year ;). Although I wasn't entirely fond of Seattle's weather, everything else about Seattle was SPECTACULAR, especially Pike Place. Such an iconic destination and definitely one of my favorite places in Washington!

I'm having dreams about the Pike Place Chowder...and yes of course I've had San Francisco's and I still think Pike's is better! If you love cheese, don't turn down mac and cheese at Beechers, it's SO tasty! Pike Place has the most beautiful flower bouquets I've ever seen for $5-$20 and the street art in Seattle is completely unparalleled. Definitely walk through the market to ogle at the freshest seafood and produce and watch them throw the fish!

Today is a crazy day friends, my baby sister turns 16 today. Nothing in the world makes you feel older than watching a baby grow up into a fully functional person. Anyways, the great thing about my baby shmeeshter is that although we're 8 year apart, we're unbelievably close. She not only turned out to be super cool but she's grown to become one of my best friends. I love our early morning cuddles, the fact we share all our cardigan and nail polish collections and most of all, I treasure our ability to know exactly what the other person is thinking. I'm so happy you're in my life and when it comes to the little sister lottery, I won the jackpot.


Have a great day everyone!


Happy Friday everyone!

I decided to do a fun twist on Friday Letters, Seattle sweets-themed!

Dear Top Pot Doughnuts, how we managed to have you 3 days out of 7 is remarkable. I'm still dreaming of those chunky pieces of sea salt on my old fashioned... (Don't worry, my family is still working on that dozen I brought home as a carry-on 😉 )

Dear Seattle Chocolates I bought on impulse at the airport, you are the ONLY souvenir I deeply regret not buying more of. Take it from me people, if you get your hands on a bag of these, buy it and don't blink twice. Don't regret it like I do, it will haunt you...


Dear Trophy Cupcakes, I fell in love with all your beautiful cupcakes and color scheme! I was told your Pumpkin Cupcake was deliciously rich (right Eva?) and I can vouch for the Salted Caramel cupcake as being pretty tasty. I wasn't going to leave Seattle without a cupcake people! {Thanks for letting us use your giftcard Alix!}

Dear Seattle Fudge, I was skeptical of your goodness because I bought you in the gift shop of the Space Needle. But when I saw the Sea Salt Caramel flavor (notice a trend?), I had to have you. Even for $9. YUM. You won't be disappointed. And yea, I didn't get to snap a picture because it went THAT fast.


Dear Claudia and Yen, I'm SO happy I got to meet you lovely ladies while I was in Seattle!

Claudia and I only met this month, upon me being her blog angel and I swear it's fate we were paired together the same month I vacationed in Seattle. She carved out a little coffee break for me, with her sweet boy Isaiah being in the hospital and I even got to meet him! He is so full of joy and I truly admire Claudia's strength and ability to even make me laugh that morning. (Wish we would've snapped a photo girl!)

Yen and I met via Melissa and her encouraging comments on my Let's Get Physical October post. We instantly became blog friends and I love all her amazing recipes! It was just like meeting an old friend, our conversation was so easy and I learned so much about her! We were both so overjoyed we were able to meet and she gave me these DELISH s'mores cookies (which is my final Seattle Sweet)!

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So that's Part 1 of the my 287,394 Seattle blog posts. Haha justtt kidding. But seriously, much more Seattle is coming to you, including my adventures in thrifting, Pike Place and some GLORIOUS food photos. Plus you have to meet the 2 best friends I took this trip with! The fun hasn't even begun yet people.

So today is the last day to link up with Let's Get Physical November. Feel free to jot down a few quick fitness goals and link up before 11:00 pm PST!  I have some pretty GREAT ladies linked up so pretttttty please visit their blogs and cheer them on! Share a fitness tip, fun recipes or just stop by to say hi!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? It's a 3 day weekend for us and I'm SO excited to take it easy, curl up with some tea and keep warm!


Happy Thursday everyone!

Ever have one of those weeks where you're just dying for it to be Friday already? I have been so exhausted lately! Anyhoot, it's been a few weeks since I've linked up with Current Crush over at The Wright Stuff and I had just the post ready. My Current Crush: Wine Tasting!

For my birthday last year, my parents bought me limo service for wine tasting in Lodi, CA. Basically 4 hours in a limo taking me and 7 other guests wine tasting. I didn't get to use it for my birthday last year and it expired before my birthday this year so I invited 3 of our favorite couples out to wine tasting just for fun.

We went to 3 fabulous wineries:

d'Art - A lovely winery started by a couple whose passions include art and wine. We met Helen Dart (the wife of the winemaker) and she lead us through a wonderful tasting of their delicious wines. It was only 10:30 am so we were classy individuals at this stop. I walked away with their Chardonnay, it was light and perfect for the last days of summer.

Oak Ridge Winery - Oak Ridge had a beautiful tasting room, with a wide selection of wines. They gave us a free tasting of 4 wines and for their palate cleanser they had pita chips which were a hit at that point in the day. And they have a wine club that can't be beat! Clearly I had a good time wine tasting there because I don't even remember the bottle we bought...

Delicato Vineyards - We were lured to this place by a big billboard for Gnarly Head wine and we weren't disappointed. Their tasting room was so spacious and we sampled 6 free wines there plus a dessert port blend that was delicious. I know we walked away with a HandCraft wine, I just don't remember what it was... haha

I've always been a little intimidated by wine selection but thanks to our first wine tasting I've realized that I'm a Chardonnay, Petit Sirah and Cabernet Savignon girl.

I'd never gone wine tasting before so it was a pleasant surprise how FUN and educational it was. I'd be lying if I said we weren't all LOVING life at the 3rd stop (but we weren't obnoxious, I don't think lol). And after 4 hours of wine tasting, we weren't ready for the party to stop so we had the limo drop us off at Chevy's for Happy Hour! We weren't entirely sure how we'd get home but once Margaritas were mentioned, there was no turning back. Just thinking about it makes me laugh, taking the limo to Chevy's, haha.

Someone told Chevy's it was my birthday (which it wasn't but technically we were using my 23rd birthday present) where they proceeded to sing happy birthday, throw a sombrero on me and literally from behind, pour a shot into my mouth. Considering I haven't taken a shot since my junior year of college, I was just glad it didn't come back up. Lol Rob looked as shocked as I was about that. But overall it was SUCH an amazing time and definitely my favorite 2nd 23rd birthday ever!! Thank you to my wonderful friends for coming and thanks Mom and Dad! 🙂

Wine Tasting Tip: If you're going to be tasting for a few hours, bring FOOD. Our friends Jeremy and Casey were kind enough to bring salami and rolls and I packed some olive oil and bread. Saved our lives that day...

Did I mention Rob and I had a wedding to go to right after this? DEATH.

Have you gone wine tasting before? What is your favorite type of wine?

Happy Day before Friday!


Happy Thursday everyone!

So today is my Friday because I am OFF tomorrow! Woo hoo! I'm feeling so lucky lately that it felt like a good time to link up with Ashley for Thankfulness Thursdays.

The thing I'm most thankful for is the health of my family and friends. We can get so wrapped up in the long term picture (getting through school, paying off student loans, saving for a house, etc) that we forget what a blessing every day is. I found the Rockstar Ronan blog yesterday and I won't lie, I cried. Bawled like a baby. If you have a some spare time and a few tissues, click away.

I'm thankful for the closeness of my family. My sister begged me for sister time so we went to get mani-pedis yesterday. Then my brother crawled into bed to watch TV with me before bed. They're such a blessing to me.

My sister is a gangsta. And yes my dog is wearing a sweater.

I'm so thankful for the sweet comments on yesterday's blog. I've got big dreams of starting up a party planning business someday and everyone's comments meant a lot to me. Thank you. And yes, I'll plan ALL your parties. Holler at me when I get going 😉

I'm thankful for my parents allowing me to live at home so that I can save for all the expenses of life. And it gives me the capabilities to take a few vacations (more on this later today...)

I love them!

Now a few "for fun" thank you's:

I'm thankful that The Office at least gets a "farewell" season. Even if it makes me cry a little.

I miss you everyday Michael Scott. Source

I'm thankful for Starbucks having free wi-fi?!? When I worked at Starbucks 5 years ago, you totally had to pay. Also thankful for a Salted Caramel Mocha. YUM.

I'm thankful that the Backstreet Boys are back together and making a new CD!

Hallelujah! Source

I'm thankful for new fall TV like Go On and Guys with Kids. Hiiiiilarious.

I'm thankful that the Denver Broncos have my favorite quarterback ever. Peyton Manning and Denver was my NFL dream.


I'm thankful that Rob and I have annual passes to Disneyland so we can go as often as my little Prius can take us.

Luuuuucy, you've got some 'splainin to do...

Okay so I have to address the fact that Rob and I are always "going somewhere". We are not loaded, nor are we big travelers (yet) and I don't want everyone to think I'm a vacationing tool fool. So here are the facts:

1. I have a wonderful, well paying job working in the field with the major I graduated with. But at the end of the day, this position just isn't what I want to do with my life. When you work a job that isn't necessarily your passion, sometimes a weekend away isn't just wanted, it's needed. For my sanity. So more often then not, I'm begging Rob to venture into a different city for a day or two.

2. Along with the blessing that is my job, I'm given an extraordinary amount of vacation time that I'm forced to take. I know, pity me.

3. With my very first big girl paycheck, I bought a Prius for a steal. 2 years later, I swear that car has MADE me money, best car for travel ever! It was worth every penny (We can get to LA and back for roughly $70 in gas). I highly recommend the Prius, feel free to ask me any questions about it.

4. As AMAZING as my family is, I'm almost 24. Living at home. With a boyfriend of (almost) 7 years. Somedays, I just gotta get away for a day or two (and frankly, I'm sure they're glad to have one less mouth to feed!).

5. For all you non-Californian readers, California is an AWESOME state (arguably the best one, duh). California is loaded with all different climates, cities, communities and frankly a ridiculous amount of beautiful places. One of the BEST parts of living in Sacramento is that nearly everything is only 2-3 hours away. 2 hours away from San Francisco, 2 hours away from Tahoe, 2.5 hours from Santa Cruz and only 1 hour away from Napa (wine country). City, snow, nature, beach, wine all in arms reach! Trust me, it's a blessing and a curse. And LA is only a mere 6-7 hours away (an easy car ride for a Prius 😉 ). That gives us a LOT of places to go on the weekend.


6. Lastly, check out the prices for a Disneyland Annual Pass. We got the Premiums. We need our money's worth right? You freakin bet we do.

So I mean, all these trips I take, they're my little sanity-savers. And it's easy, cheap(ish) and do-able since we are still without children. Still hate me and all my travels? Move to California, get a Prius and be my best friend so we can take trips together (seriously though, do it)!

Okay, now that I've explained myself (and our incessant travels), can we be friends again?

((Sidenote, all my sarcasm is out of love, if I were you guys, I TOO would wonder how in the world I get to "vacation" so often. No hard feelings, I LOVE YOU!)

On that note, we miiiiiiight driving to LA tonight. Plans are tentative but there is a 90% chance Rob and I will be reunited with our home away from home! (Disneyland meet up anyone?! 😉 ). Do you hate me again? Darn it.

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