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Happy Thursday everyone!

Disclaimer: I'm about to talk about my first world problems. Don't worry, I know it's superficial and silly but hey, you can't help how you feel, can you?

So I'm leaving for Disneyland tonight and while I'm so happy we get to go, EVERY TIME we're packing to go somewhere, I become an anxious wreck. Suddenly I feel so overwhelmed with the prospect of packing things and leaving things behind and I start worrying about getting my crafting/baking/miscellaneous projects done before we go. For instance, last night on top of packing for the trip and wrapping presents for Christmas (we come back the day before Christmas Eve), I decide I had to make some nutella cookie cups for my co-workers for Christmas. So it's 9:00 pm, I'm pulling out the eggs and simultaneously packing for the trip in my mind. Then by 11:00 pm when I'm crawling into bed, I'm feeling anxious about being unprepared. I saw this quote on Pinterest this morning and it really resonated with me.

Source: minna may. Here is her blog: blog

This needs to be my LIFE mantra.

I find that the older I get, the harder it is to just "enjoy the journey". Instead I'm worried about the journey, making sure I have enough sweaters for the journey or whether I've prepared enough food for the journey. HOW in the world can I let go of all the stress that I carry with me? Why do I keep taking on projects when I have enough on my plate?

I apologize that I'm being such a Debbie Downer about being fortunate enough to go on all these wonderful trips but it's just the honest truth. My blog is about so many fun things I get to see/do/eat but every once in awhile, I think it's important for my blog to reflect my down time too.

How do you de-stress before a big trip? What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed?

So the nice thing is I'll be at Disneyland tomorrow and I KNOW all this stress will melt away very soon. I'm very excited to be there, I just can't wait to be there already! Follow me on instagram for some vacation pics!

Have a great Thursday loves!