The Happiest Day of my Life: Our Engagement

Happy Monday everyone!

I tried my hardest to come up with the words to describe how the proposal happened and I found that I was mostly unsuccessful. So instead I made a video to speak for me. I'm so excited for you to see it! (It has audio, just fyi 🙂 )

Click here for the video:

And here's the best I could come up with in words:
Standing in front of Sleeping Beauty castle on December 22, 2012 Rob asked me to marry him.  As he dropped to his knee, my eyes began to flood and my hands flew to my face in shock. As I started to seriously ugly cry, I was too emotional to speak  so I nodded yes and leaned in to kiss him. Rob put the most beautiful ring I've ever seen on my finger (I put out the wrong hand of course 😉 ) . While I struggled to get my emotions in check so the Disney photographer could photograph us, my entire family, his parents and my best friend come charging towards us from the crowd, popping out from hiding locations. I started to hysterically cry all over again seeing tears rolling down my my families' faces and we're engulfed in a giant hug by the people we love most. I've never felt so much joy in my entire life, like my heart was going to explode from happiness. Just talking about it makes me want to cry again. 🙂

After the 30 seconds I had to process the actual proposal, our families explained Rob's master plan piece by piece:

  • How Rob asked for my Dad's permission back in September.
  • How Rob just knew which ring to get (before looking at my Pinterest!!) and has had it for months. <3
  • How our families were sequestered in their hotel rooms the night before because Rob booked rooms in the SAME hotel for everyone 3 months in advance. They also had to time breakfast so we didn't run into them!
  • How my aunts and uncle drove and flew down to Anaheim, just to attend.
  • How my best friend Auva and Rob's parents rode in the same car with my crazy family for 7+ hours from Sacramento to Anaheim (definitely the MOST time they've all ever spent together).
  • How I looked straight at Rob's Dad seconds before the proposal (who was wearing a wig and disguise) and even commented on how "that stranger"should take our picture because he was just "standing around filming nothing" (my exact words!).
  • How Rob drew and e-mailed detailed maps for everyone on where to park, where to hide, etc. and planned the whole amazing trip!

After I said yes, it turned into this epic family vacation with both sides of our family. We rode a ton of rides and spent 13 hours at the park, from the time the proposal happened to park closing. We had a mini engagement party at the Cove Bar in California Adventure and basically it was the best day ever, I'll never ever forget it.

I have to admit, I may have underestimated Rob a bit. He did an amazing job planning an engagement and family vacation all in one! And although I never presumed Rob would propose at Disneyland, I'm really glad he did because we will ALWAYS have an iconic spot to return to, that's close to our heart. I told him we'll come back on all our important anniversaries, take our photo at the castle and be able to do a fun photo time lapse for the rest of our lives.

So PLEASE feel free to send me any and all wedding advice you have! I feel like 2 weeks after it happened, I'm finally back on earth and able to comprehend the extent of savings we'll be required to have for a wedding. But man, does this ring make me swoon...

I'd love to read up on anyone who has a love/engagement story, what can I say, I'm a sap. Please feel free to share them in the comments! 🙂

Also a shout out to our good friends Teagan and Justin, who just got engaged on Saturday! We're so happy we were able to celebrate such a wonderful day with you  guys.

Thank you to our families for their unending support (and all the espionage you had to undergo) and of course all of you, our friends, who make our story worth telling. We love you!

I love you so much, Rob! Thank you for creating my perfect day and I can't wait to start our next chapter together!


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48 thoughts on “The Happiest Day of my Life: Our Engagement

  1. kristinethefoleyfamblog

    Your ring is STUNNING! And seriously LOVED the video and cried my eyes out! SO happy for you sweet friend! How perfect! Our families are EXACTLY the same and I love that! GREAT proposal! Sorry for my delay! Can't believe I'm just seeing this now! Boo! CONGRATS lovely!!!

  2. Congrats!! I got engaged at Disneyland 2+ years ago (at the stairs by the Blue Bayou) and just got married in August! I KNEW my husband was going to propose while we were at DL and literally waited all day long (he is not good at surprises!). Finally towards the end of the day I texted my friend "it's not going to happen :(" and i was soo bummed. Well fast forward 10 mins later, my husband is down on one knee and I was bawling like a baby! Caught me SO off guard!

    My advice for wedding planning: just get shit done, lol. i tell that to all my friends who are currently engaged. just get it done!! don't put stuff off, dont push things to the side, just get it done. cross it off your list because that list gets soooooooooooo long! If you like a certain look for your tables and such, start collecting now! I had so much time to collect vases/milk glass/mason jars and had time to turn them into lace/burlap vases and was only able to do that because i started early. Good luck with all your planning!! It is so much fun!

  3. I took a break from my hectic day and linked to your blog from With Love blog. This video is soooo touching! We also got engaged at Disneyland in 2010, which is where we went on our first date. We got married 10/11/12. AND we have almost identical rings! 🙂 Congrats and I wish you much happiness and many magical moments!

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