To Have and To Hold: Bridal Show Tips

(So, I don't know if ya'll were just being polite but the general consensus was that my readers wanted to hear about the wedding planning process, so here I am with a new blog segment called To Have and To Hold! Now that I think about it, you probably wouldn't have told me if you didn't want to hear about it, but I digress.)

When Rob proposed back in December, I said I wouldn't start wedding planning until March to enjoy our engagement. Clearly, my neuroticism has proven me wrong (Neuroticism - 1, Evani - 0) because the first event I decided to swing for was the Bridal Showcase of California, a huge event for all of Northern California, this past weekend. And aside from having an awesome time, here's some thoughts I had for the newly engaged/first timers to bridal shows:

I realize this might not apply to every wedding expo or every couple but these are just thoughts I had after my first crazy bridal show. Every vendor offered tons of discounts and I walked away with more fliers and cake samples than I could've dreamed of. If you've been to a bridal expo and have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to share your experiences too!

While I plan to share lots of the wedding planning process, I also hope to keep some of it under wraps for the guests of our special day. So far, Rob and I have fallen in love with a potential church, an outdoor venue, obviously an open bar and after the bridal expo, I realized I couldn't live without a photo booth. Check out these fun (free) photo booth pictures my Mom, my sister and I snapped.

We clearly had way too much fun.

Linking up with Shanna and Joelle today!

As a guest of weddings, how do you feel about photo booth pictures being a wedding favor? Is it enough of a "gift"? (Please feel free to be honest!)

I'm planning to run a wedding planning post once every 2 weeks so I don't spend the next 52+ weeks going on incessantly about my planning, driving you all crazy. Get excited! 🙂

Have a great hump day everyone! 

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  1. These are fantastic tips! Printing out your own labels is probably the best one of all (I learned that one the hard way)! Comfy shoes are also a must!

    xo jen

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