To Have and To Hold: Lessons So Far

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I'm happy to report that wedding fever has tapered off a little around these parts. When I got engaged (now over a month ago!) all I could think about was booking vendors. With my feet back on the ground, I've realized I have some time to slow down the process and enjoy it. Here's a few tidbits I've picked up along the way:

What I've Learned via Simply Evani

I was going to make an infographic about what to do when you get engaged but I saw this one on Pinterest and it captured what Rob and I did, pretty accurately (except Rob got the ring insured before he gave it to me. He clearly knows me well...) . It would've been nice to have a list like this right when we got engaged, to have some clear guidance. (We're at step 7!)


Infographic via Wimmer's Diamonds


graphic via Wimmer's Diamonds Blog

Lastly, the lovely site Wedding Paper Divas has some amazing paper goods for all things wedding. I'm madly in love with their chic save the dates and letterpress invitations. As soon as Rob and I get our engagement photoshoot done, I'll be headed straight here for our save-the-dates! Right now, they're offering a 15% discount on all orders through Feb 5th with the code: jansw. If you are planning on buying any wedding paper goods, this is a great deal to take advantage of!*

SavetheDates via Wedding Paper DivasWedding Paper Divas

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I'm sorry I'm been a little absent and if you haven't heard by now, this strain of flu is NO joke. It can knock you out for up to 3 weeks and will have you in bed for a minimum of 3 days with fever and chills in the fetal position. For those of you who have yet to catch the flu, please wash your hands constantly and drink tons of vitamin C!

How's life been for all of you lately? Tell me something new going on in your life!

* I was contacted by Wedding Paper Divas to mention their promotions on my blog but all opinions are 100% mine. Their products are beautiful!

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18 thoughts on “To Have and To Hold: Lessons So Far

  1. Eva

    obsessed with this blog! can't wait for our call next month so we can catch us up on everything!! Can't wait for you to go gown shopping 🙂

  2. I've totally missed you! I'm glad you are feeling slightly better. Yay for wedding planning getting underway! Is it OCD of me to say that I had some of those things in the list checked off even BEFORE I got engaged?! I knew I wanted a June wedding, I knew who I wanted as my bridesmaids, I knew around how much the wedding budget was going to be, and I knew I wanted an outdoor ceremony. Haha. Man, was a bridezilla....

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Wedding Paper Divas is awesome! I actually did a guest post with them a few weeks ago! My cousin got magnets made from them for her save-the-dates and they are amazing!

  4. Look how organized you are... I wouldn't have expected anything less from you and I'm excited to see all your details and planning come together!

  5. This is great! My friend just got engaged so I'm going to send this over haha
    This flu sounds nasty!! I'm definitely going to be bumping up my vitamin c this week.

  6. Glad you are taking your time and enjoying the wedding planning process! It's easy to get caught up in everything and start losing the forest for the trees... in the grand scheme of things it's going to be a beautiful day no matter what you choose. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Yes!! Enjoy the process as much as you can!!!! i helped out my BFF (I was MOH) with her wedding planning 2 years ago, and it was a disaster. It was one of those moments I really want to forget about haha (sad but true)... But once the ceremony started, seeing her walking down the aisle and seeing the hubz getting all teary eyed (that was their "first look"), all the disastrous planning went away. Their union was more important than the whole crazy planning.

    But then again, it made me kinda sort out what I want and not want for my future wedding (that... TBD haha).

    Super glad to see your process on planning.

  8. These are really great tips lady! It's really important to take things slow, and really create a plan of action, or else you'll get burnt out and stressed. Thanks for sharing that great infographic as well!


  9. I love wedding planning! My husband and I planned ours over a year and half and it was so nice to be able to take our time and really look for what we wanted. We are just clearing the flu out of our house too. Everyone had it at different times (including me!) so I feel like I went through it five times. I'll be glad when January is over!

  10. I've never heard of ring insurance...such a good idea!
    I came home to a flooded apartment today and now I am DEFINITELY purchasing renter's insurance...guess I learned the hard way, lol


  11. I am SO GLAD you mentioned the wedding ring insurance!!!!! SO SMART! I didn't have it and somehow chipped my diamond! Which makes me so sad because it was my grandma's and lost a ton of its value. INSURE YOUR RINGS GIRLS!!!

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