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To Have and to Hold with Simply Evani

With 16 months left until the wedding, I feel good having crossed a few things off our list. We're officially written in the calendar for our favorite church (which often has a 2 year waitlist!) and we may have a special friend of mine agreeing to be our photogrpher ;).

But venue, that's the big mama. After considering time of year, weather, time of day and of course decorations and photos, I feel like a tented wedding is a good fit. It's romantic and elegant but its whimsical too. Here are some tented venues I fell head over heels for on Pinterest, (You can click directly on the photos to be taken to their source.)

Venue via The Knot

Venue via Once Wed Venue via The Knot Venue via Lydia Jane PhotographyPhoto Credit: 1/2/3/4

We're having our wedding later in the day, to capture sunshine, sunset and nighttime photos (sunset in California during the summer can be as late as 8:30 pm). I knew I wanted part of the reception enclosed to account for temperamental weather like wind (or heaven forbid...rain) but I really wanted it to be open to the outdoors too. We've found a location that has a beautiful white draped tent, with an entire side panel open to a grassy lawn (perfect for string of bulbs, like this!). It fits perfect with what we're going for. Cross your fingers for us that it pans out!

While we still have time to look at other venues, the tented venues definitely hold a special place in my heart. Have you ever been to a tented reception? Are there any other types of venues you recommend, considering the elements we're looking for?

Share a memory from your favorite wedding with me!

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16 thoughts on “To Have and To Hold: Tented Venues

  1. I adore tented weddings. I love the idea of being outside, but yet protected from the elements. Plus, I'm kind of obsessed with strings of bulb lights.

  2. I love tented weddings, I think they are so cute and romantic! The last picture is gorgeous. I had an outdoor ceremony and I loved every minute. Well minus the 10 min before when it was SLEETING. But the actual ceremony was all sunshine (yes new england weather is about as bizarre as it gets). 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. A a guy, the wedding planning stuff is suppposed to be a nod and a grunt. Maybe a slight chagrin at the money used, but DUDE, I mean EVANI! That things looks pretty if you do it like that.

  4. These are beautiful! Weddings are so stressful because of the weather- it changes every damn minute, so having some sort of tent always helps!

  5. Love the tented reception idea. It's beautiful. I wanted something different for my wedding... we got married in a historical house. The reception was in every room of the house and our ceremony was under the oak tree in the back lawn. In the middle of our reception 2 deer came out of the woods. It was kind of magical!

  6. Yes, yes, yes for tents! 🙂 And "agreeing" to be your photographer?! I have a hunch that this special friend of yours is flat out DELIGHTED! I'm so freakin' excited. If anyone else even DARES to ask for June, they'll get a punch to the face. Or, you know, a polite "no." HA! We'll Skype soon...!

  7. i think tented reception is like a MUST DO if you live in California.
    uhm, gurl, u best email me this place that you're planning to rent. i may be interested. hahahaha...

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