To Have and To Hold: The Grand Island Mansion

As promised, today's To Have and To Hold wedding segment features my dear friends Jeremy and Casey Wayland's wedding. It was held at the beautiful Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Creek, located on the Sacramento Delta. Without further adieu...

Grand Island Mansion | Simply EvaniCasey was an absolutely gorgeous bride and the entire night reflected what an incredible couple they are. While obviously these aren't the official wedding photos (these were taken with my iPhone 5) the venue was clearly a jaw dropping feature. Between the beautiful lawn for the ceremony, the mansion interior rooms providing cocktail hour space and a outdoor tented romantic reception, it was a night to remember. Did I mention a full pre-wedding video featuring the couple and their families playing in the movie theater? Plus, the food was INCREDIBLE. Rob and I both agreed we would go there for dinner, if it were even an option! The wedding toasts spoke novels about the love Casey and Jeremy share and I loved their first dance! The entertainment was also superb, with different performers for cocktail, during dinner and for the wild dancing to end the night. With Casey's mom Mary being a premier Sacramento area wedding planner, I knew this night would be one to remember.

Thank you Casey and Jeremy for letting us be part of your special day (and letting me share it here!).

Rob and ILook at how handsome my fiancΓ© was! πŸ™‚

The Grand Island Mansion is definitely a swoon worthy venue! After experiencing Casey and Jeremy's incredible wedding, it really emphasizes to me that Rob and I are going to have to work hard to REALLY stretch our dollars far (and no, there's no way we can afford this place! HA). So I have a question for you...

If you're already married, what could you have done without from your wedding? What would you absolutely NOT cut out?


As a guest, which wedding factors are necessary and which ones could you do without?

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20 thoughts on “To Have and To Hold: The Grand Island Mansion

  1. WOW... that venue is gorgeous!
    The bride's dress is gorgeous and i love that the groom is wearing converse πŸ™‚

  2. this is such a gorgeous place! and it looked like a beautiful wedding...hmm as a guest to a wedding, I think one big factor, is the open bar! haha I love fun weddings that end up in a one big party later on in the night!

  3. that is STUNNING! what a beautiful night to share πŸ™‚

    we're cutting out most of the sweet "extras" in order to be able to spend all our money on the wedding itself. I'd love to do things like welcome bags for the guests and favors, but at the end of the day we'd rather be able to invite one more person or have the DJ for an extra hour for the money... you know? But if money grew on trees... haha!

  4. Such a gorgeous venue, you already know how I feel about mansion weddings. The bride is beautiful!

    I'm actually helping my bff plan her wedding right now.. and this question comes up a lot. What to cut out and what to spend money on. I think if you think of a wedding from a guest's point of view.. what do you remember most about a wedding (the food? the music?) and what do you not even notice (maybe, the color of the linens?), then you know what's important and what's not. For my own wedding, we knew we wanted the food to be amazing. Then came the importance of photos because that is the 1 thing we have forever, then music. Things like linens (we used the standard), favors (I DIY'ed them, but could have done without), and the type of chairs (standard), was less important for us. Hope that helps!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Such a beautiful venue! It's really stunning. I don't think could have cut anything from my wedding! We tried to be pretty cost-conscious while still having the nice things I really wanted. If I had to pick one thing, I guess it'd be the Chiavari chairs. I'm not sure anyone really noticed except me. They were lovely though!

  6. oh god. This is beautiful! I feel like for me photos will be really important just because that's something that I find important in my every day life. Other than that, I feel like it's supposed to be a celebration/party, right?! So music, food and drinks will be high on my list.

    With Luck Blog

  7. This is the most amazingly beautiful venue ever! And you guys look great all spiffied up for the wedding. I hope you had a wonderful time!

  8. Eva

    Congrats Casey and Jeremy! Their wedding looked beautiful!

    I love going to weddings, of all shapes and sizes. Dancing is definitely key; and I absolutely love admiring all the details of a wedding (centerpieces, decor, etc)

    And yes, Rob looks like one handsome stud πŸ˜‰

  9. You look so pretty! It's a beautiful venue! I got married outside under an oak tree and our reception was in an old historical house. I loved it because it's so different from any other wedding I've been to... it's still one of my favorite things about my wedding!

  10. Wow, what an incredible venue! The photo of you and Rob is a great one! As someone who loves to eat, I would say to make sure there's lots of food and a nice cake! πŸ™‚

  11. We actually looked at Grand Island Mansion for our wedding in 2011 and decided it was just too cramped. We ended up booking at Rome Valley Vineyards in Garden Valley. It had beautiful views and the staff were amazingly friendly.

    As for cutting things to stay on budget, we didn't do a whole lot of that, but I think it's just because we aren't terribly elaborate people. We wanted simple and classic. Not to mention the views at our venue didn't require a whole lot of decor!

  12. Beautiful!

    Even though I really just want to hit the court house when I get married, I want lots of pictures to remember the day.

  13. Victoria

    Hi Evani! I just stumbled across your blog while I was looking for pictures of the Grand Island Mansion. I'll be getting married there next year in September in the Marquee tent, the one you blogged about. It looks gorgeous! I also have a friend who went to a wedding there and she said there were terrible flies outside, so that made me worried as my wedding will be outside in the tent (probably with the wall curtains up since it will be warm in September) I was wondering when was the wedding you went to? Was it too hot, and were there a lot of flies? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as now I'm debating whether or not to find a different venue based on my friend's comment about the flies...and I've already put down a non-refundable deposit so I'm hoping I won't have to change venues! Thank you!

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