Tourist Thursday : San Francisco Bay Cruise

Big things are happening right now and I can't wait to share them with you very soon!

Looking back through my photo albums while I waited "6 hours" for iOs 7 to download, I realized I have so many photos from trips and restaurants we've been to, both on vacation and here at home. Since we can't afford to take trips every weekend anymore (oh wedding, you are SO cramping my style), it's the perfect time to discover fun places nearby and play or re-live our prior trips as a tourist. Thus, Tourist Thursday was born.

First up:


Since Sacramento is only 2 hours away from San Francisco, we go to the bay area at least a dozen times a year. We have our favorite foodies spots and lesser known city treasures but this trip, we decided to be real tourists and take a Blue and Gold boat cruise from Pier 39 which took us under the Golden Gate bridge. It's a 60 minute tour and honestly, I really enjoyed it!


I highly suggest you take this tour, even if SF is your city! If the weather is especially warm in the bay (a.k.a. 85 and above), the breeze on the water will feel spectacular on your face. Bring a jacket. Always.


It's perfect for getting unobstructed pictures with the Golden Gate bridge. Fun fact: The water is extremely choppy directly under the bridge. Grab a rail or a friend.


Another fun fact, this tour may be even more enjoyable with alcohol. A lively bunch of beautiful drag queens coming from an all-you-can-drink brunch provided incredibly fun commentary and elicited lots of laughter.

We also happened to take the tour while America's cup was going on so we go to see a bunch of other boats in the water. Highly recommend, it was cool!


This summer I discovered maxi skirts and I swear, I live in them now. This a prime example of why I'm not a fashion blogger:

A. None of these clothes are from "trendy" stores. Tank top: Target, Maxi skirt: Wet Seal, Jean jacket: Thrift store. No Jcrew or Madewell.

B. Why is my pose like the Statue of Liberty? And who knew I made my hand into an unattractive fist when I carried my purse like that... (apparently everyone but me).

C. I'm wearing sandals (not wedges or heels). And not Tory Burch or anything fancy, just Target.

D. Pretty scenery?

So if you're in SF and want to do the whole "tourist" thing, start with a mimosa brunch and hop on board the bay cruise!

This weekend is going to be really exciting but I want to wait until things are official on Friday afternoon just in case I jinx it! 🙂

Have you been to SF? What's your favorite "touristy" thing to do there?

FYI, I was in no way compensated for mentioning this cruise, it was truly just a fun activity we did in SF!


10 thoughts on “Tourist Thursday : San Francisco Bay Cruise

  1. Haha you are too hard on yourself. I honestly don't wear a lot of jcrew or madewell either, they are just too expensive. LOVE target. And when I first started blogging, my husband totally made fun of my poses... he was like "you look like a dork", "why is your hand like that"... so don't worry, it's not just you.

    I've always wanted to go to san fran! I bet we'd love it there!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. You're crazy! Any jcrew I have has come from a sale at the factory store and any nice brand I have otherwise has come from a marshalls or TJ... and madewell? I cry every time I walk in because I can practically feel my wallet melting away and I just can't handle it. I always walk out empty handed. I've taken a handful of outfit photos and my background? a messy yard where you can see the neighbors collecting junk they're trying to sell- literally. I'd love to have some big fashionable closet but the reality of it is that an average 20 something with an active lifestyle just can't afford it- plain and simple.

    In other news- I reallyyyy want to visit SF haha

  3. Ahhh one of my best girlfriends just moved to San Fran for grad school and I'm working on a trip to visit sometime within the next 2 years (we make realistic time frames haha). I didn't realize how close Sacramento was to San Fran, soooo whenever that happens, you need to come to San Fran too so we can hug and drink mimosas! Definitely going to let me my girl know about this boat ride. Annnnnd you = supercute without the pricey labels 🙂

  4. I've been to SF several times and love it! Next time I will have to check out that boat cruise. That photo of the bridge is a great one. Cute maxi skirt! I am now frightened to download the new iOS as I've heard so many horror stories. Is is noticeably better?

  5. Fun! I need to visit SF someday. And I could never be a fashion blogger either. My entire wardrobe is Target, Kohl's, and JCPenney. And if it costs more than $35 I have a fit.

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