Wedding Save The Dates and Invitiations

I loved our Save the Dates and Invitations so I'm excited to share them today!

I ordered our Save the Dates from Wedding Paper Divas, which was very easy and they turned out exactly how we wanted them (with Emily's amazing photography of course).

STD invites1

I knew I wanted a square shaped card but when it came to envelope, I ordered a rectangle because I heard square shaped envelopes cost more to ship. I thought there would be a weird gap in the envelope with the card sliding around but there wasn't, and I was very pleased.

Also, I wanted it to be two sided (with our wedding website on the back) so it couldn't be a full magnet. I went to a craft store and purchased small adhesive magnet squares to attach to the back of the Save the Date. That way, our guests could just stick them on the fridge, without needing a magnet of their own, and still be able to see content on the backside.

Overall, I highly recommend Wedding Paper Divas, the quality of their products (especially the paper and sheen) is truly beautiful and they have a great selection of products to choose from.

For our invitations, I had plans to DIY them from the beginning. But as time went on, it was clear that DIYing them would take too much time and ultimately cost more in labor to produce. Wedding Paper Divas didn't have a design we wanted and was too pricey for us for the invitations (we ordered a total of 130 invites). So I went hunting for the aesthetic I was looking for on other websites and stumbled upon Magnet Street. Not only were they super affordable, but they had the perfect design for us; simple, classic and casual.

STD invites2

I LOVED the ease of customizing our invites on Magnet Street. They have an amazing editor program that gives you control of the colors, fonts, etc and there's capabilities to leave text comments for their reviewers to modify designs further, if need be. I was incredibly happy with choosing Magnet Street for our invites and I would do it again in a heartbeat. They came packaged in this beautiful teal box that I still use to this day!

Also, they are willing to send you a physical proof so you can judge in person how you like it. That was vital for me, I needed to see and physically feel the invite before I ordered 130 of them. The proofs process of this does take awhile so I recommend starting your invitation design process at least 1.5 months before you plan to send them!

Clearly I was no longer in blogging mode at this point of the wedding planning process so I didn't take nice photos of our Save The Dates or Invites but luckily Emily did!

Magnet Street Wedding Invites

Magnet Street Wedding InvitesThe full collection of what we ordered from Magnet Street ^

std invites5

*Tip for any Brides-to-be: If you're following a timeline that says Save The Dates should be sent (for example) 6 months in advance, know that you should order them at least 7-8 months in advance. Both Save the Dates and Invitations often required a "proofs" stage where you approve it before it prints (which is crucial in catching mistakes), and it takes quite a bit a time to address all of them too. Just FYI.


And finally, here's a few wedding photos from the amazing Emily of Anna Delores Photography:

Simply Evani Wedding, Photo taken by Anna Delores Photography

Simply Evani Wedding, Photo taken by Anna Delores Photography

Simply Evani Wedding, Photo taken by Anna Delores Photography

Simply Evani wedding, Photo taken by Anna Delores Photography

Simply Evani Wedding, Photo taken by Anna Delores Photography

Simply Evani Wedding, Photo taken by Anna Delores Photography

Simply Evani Wedding, Photo taken by Anna Delores PhotographyWeren't our ring bearers the cutest?

There's A LOT more photos to come and I'm still trying to figure out how I want to post them... If I only post on Wedding Wednesdays, it's going to take 2 months until you see all of them so maybe next week, I'll do Wedding Week and spend an entire week posting them? What do you think, would that drive you crazy with too much wedding stuff? I'll have to brainstorm more about how to do this...

Sorry this is a dense post but I hope you enjoyed the photos! <3 Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



** Also, I was in no way compensated for talking about Magnet Street, Wedding Paper Divas or even Emily of Anna Delores Photography in this post or any wedding post for that matter. If I say I love them, it's because I really do! Any and all vendors or companies we used for the wedding did not "sponsor" us in any way. Well technically, Wedding Paper Divas contacted me back in January 2013 to share their 15% of promotion but I wasn't compensated on my wedding order in 2014 for doing so. **

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10 thoughts on “Wedding Save The Dates and Invitiations

  1. Eva

    I love Wedding Wednesdays! I think it's a great way for you (and everyone) to continue reliving all the moments of the wedding, including the planning leading up to the big day. It's very cool. I remember receiving your invitation in the mail and was staring it was a good while thinking... "This is it! It's finally happening!" Love you Roomsky!

  2. Gorgeous invites! That's so great that they send a physical proof so you can really see/feel it. Beautiful photos... the one with the ring bearers is precious!

  3. Everything looks so great. I especially love the idea of attaching a small magnet for the ease of your guests, and the general style of your invitations. I'm dyingggggg to see the other photos! I'm totally on board for a full wedding week. 🙂

  4. fizzandfrosting

    Your invitations were GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more wedding photos. I'm totally up for a full wedding week and then maybe even a few Wedding Wednesdays after that to make sure I get to see all those beautiful shots! 😉

  5. Congratulations, Evani! You were so beautiful. <3 The photography is stunning, I'd love to see more. I wish all the best to your new little family. BTW, I'd probably cry even more than you did, I'm a total crybaby at personal events of this sort. 😉

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