Wedding Wednesday : The Morning of The Big Day

I've been quite a tease with our wedding photos, so thanks for hangin' in there. I think logically, it makes sense to do my Wedding Wednesdays in chronological order, but I haven't even shared my bridal shower or bachelorette party yet...So I'm going to do what I want, and post my wedding photos first, and then go back and do some of the pre-wedding posts. Because. 🙂

For this week's Wedding Wednesday, I'm sharing morning-of-the-wedding photos taken by the talented Emily of Anna Delores Photography. Our ceremony was at 11:30 am so the ladies had an early morning wake up call.

Wedding Morning Of1

Fact: Sometimes I still fantasize about putting my dress on again just for fun. I loved it.

Wedding Morning Of2One of my favorite pictures from our wedding day, a moment with my Mama.

Wedding Morning Of4It took a small army to hook all the buttons on my dress. What you don't see under my piles of hair is a sunburn of an "x" on my back from a shirt I had worn the day before, during set up. Lol Ah memories.

Wedding Morning Of 18

Despite what a shoe fanatic I can be, I bought these no-name bad boys on Amazon. They matched the David's Bridal bridesmaid color "Oasis" perfectly!


Rob and I wrote letters to each other to open on the morning of. Of course, I cried.

Wedding Morning Of8Lezbe-honest, I love this pic because my boobs look awesome. Also, I loved my bouquet but it was dead about an hour after the ceremony. Womp womp.

Wedding Morning Of7Emily can make any moment feel romantic. This was honestly the first time I sat down in my dress and I was certain I looked like a whale. Well done Emily, well done.

Wedding Morning Of 17

I just love this one.

As you can see, there are no full group pictures of the bridesmaids in the robes I got for us from Etsy. Why? Because our morning was pure CHAOS. 8 women rotating in and out of 3 different hotel rooms, simultaneously doing hair and makeup in a rush. I'll be honest and say it wasn't my favorite part of our wedding day (by a long shot). I still cry a little thinking about how I never got a picture with all of my best friends in our robes, but in the end making it to the church on time was much more important. [Note to future brides: Make extra time for getting-ready pictures if they are important to you. I will forever mourn this.]

Meanwhile, let's get a peek at the men's morning:

Wedding Morning Of11

Yup, definitely off to an infinitely better start than our morning.

Wedding Morning Of13These goofballs.

Wedding Morning Of12

These really are Rob's best friends, I adore these guys.

Wedding Morning Of14

I love that Rob owns this suit and I can make him put it on any time. 🙂

Wedding Morning Of15My wedding gift to him via Etsy. It has our wedding date on the back.

Wedding MorningOf 16A wonderful Mother-son moment before the walk down the aisle.

A disclaimer on future wedding posts:

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved our wedding. The details, the people, the feelings, the photographs, all of it was exactly how I imagined it. What I didn't plan on was the intense amount of emotions I felt ALL DAY. I woke up the day of my wedding and cried for a good 20 minutes. Why? I don't know honestly. Maybe it was the overwhelming feeling of months of planning, coming to a head. Or the fact that I knew everyone we loved had traveled to be part of our day, just to see us. The pressure of having planned the entire day without being in control of all the moving parts was always in the back in the mind too, I think. And I'm sure most of the emotion was joy in finally getting to marry Rob and pure happiness at having all the people we loved in one room. But overall, the emotions of the day were utterly overwhelming (most of the time).

A good overwhelming though, the kind when only good things are about to happen. I mean, I cry when I see a sappy jewelry commercial, I should've know my wedding day was going to make me an emotional wreck. But nothing really prepares you for that either.

So don't be surprised, I'm crying in so many more photos to come. But they are happy tears.

Please feel free to comment (especially if you tell me that you too, were a blubbering mess on your wedding day or that you plan to be someday). Also, don't be shy about praising Emily's photography skills, she truly has an incredible gift of showing the best sides of people.



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8 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday : The Morning of The Big Day

    1. Evani C

      Post author

      Thanks Rachel! I've never had anything tailored to me before (being 5'0 and all) so it was such a treat to have a dress fit me like a glove.

  1. Eva

    Love reliving this day - so much fun! Too bad I was frantically getting my makeup done while the other girls were helping you with your dress, gah! It was such a wonderful day! <3

    1. Evani C

      Post author

      Lol the only ones who were in the room were Auva and Evalenn so no worries love. Such a crazy morning but a wonderful day. I'm glad you were there to be part of it!

  2. You are so sweet -- all I did was show up and capture all the magical goodness! You made a stunning bride, Evani! It was such a wonderful blessing for me to be part of the day. I LOVE those photos of you with your mama and Rob with his. I really relish getting to capture those moments. That's the good stuff. 🙂

  3. You look gorgeous in your dress! I get really teary at all weddings, even ones where I don't know the bride and groom very well. <:D So you can imagine how I was on my own wedding day! We decided to keep our ceremony brief so we could move on to the reception and food which was actually my favorite part of the day. 🙂

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