Weekend Wine-d Down: CA State Fair and Rex Goliath Moscato

This weekend was absolutely fabulous! We went to the California State Fair that comes around every summer and it was full of wine (even in the slushy form), great food (I couldn't pass up the chance to try deep fried Nutella!) and good times.





SaveMart had a great California-centric wine area that allowed us 3 free wine tastings and I fell deeply in love with wine slushies. The deep fried Nutella tasted exactly as advertised, hot tasty crispy Nutella goodness. But the best part of the night was when the boys won us the minions on the midway. Rob definitely has a competitive side of him that totally comes out at the fair so I walked away with this giant prize. It was more than half my size and kids kept stopping me to ask if they could take a picture with it! The State Fair is a staple of the Sacramento summer and if you're ever in town around July, make sure to stop by!



So at the State Fair, after the 3 free tastings, if you choose to buy the commemorative wine glass (for a mere $8, I totally collect these!) they will pour any glass of wine you buy in it. I watched as they poured a woman's glass to the very top so I quickly bought myself the glass and asked for the Rex Goliath Moscato we had sampled. The pour you see in the glass above was a mere $5!

I love a good chilled Moscato on a hot day and Rex Goliath was a pleasant surprise! I've had their red wines before and haven't been wow'd until this glass. I do enjoy sweet moscato so if you aren't into a sweet wine, I wouldn't recommend this. With bright, fruity and floral notes and a medium finish, this was amazing on a hot summer day. I enjoyed the apple and apricot notes and I'd definitely say this works as a dessert wine for those days when chocolate isn't cutting it.

Moscato - Rex Goliath
State: California
(Local) Price: $5.99 at SaveMart, Online here.
Rating: A+

Have you ever been a State/County Fair? Any favorite deep fried treats?

xo, Evani

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Wine-d Down: CA State Fair and Rex Goliath Moscato

  1. Eva

    Corn on the cob with Parmesan cheese, butter and cayenne pepper is MY THING at the State Fair. <3

  2. The state fair is coming up here and I live about a mile away. I've already requested the day of for $2 Tuesday and have my coupon printed out. I always pick the Tuesday AFTER pay day. lol I can't wait.

    I hope they have the deep fried Nutella at ours. All I ever do is walk around and eat. No rides, no games, just eat. Last year I had the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich. My belly is ready.

  3. Oh man! I haven't been to a fair in forever!!! I just remember always eating funnel cake ... But deep fried nutella!?!?!?! Wooooo, I need this in my life asap 🙂

    Minion! I haven't seen Despicable Me 2 yet tho lol... I need to add this movie to my list of must sees.

  4. ohmygosh I WANT A GIANT MINION TOO!! I haven't been to a fair in foreverrrrr and wish Nate was here so I can sucker him into winning me a giant minion.

  5. Looks like so much fun! The minions are huuuugee! Haha I've never won a giant plush toy from a fair - I'm hopeless at scoring those :p The moscato sounds delish - I do like me a good moscato, especially chilled!

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