Weekend Wine-d Down: Camping and Hot to Trot Wine

I love blogging. I love weekends. I love wine. Why wouldn't they all go great together? Hence a new blog segment was born: Weekend Wine-d Down.

It's not a revolutionary idea, I'll recap fun things I saw, heard or did on the weekend (like most bloggers do every Monday) but I'll also throw in a bonus: a review of my latest bottle of wine (or maybe a drink recipe or two). So my fellow vino obsessed brethren, get your cork screws ready and let's get busy!



This weekend, Rob and I went camping with my best friend Auva and her boyfriend at Scott's Flat Lake in Nevada City. In case this isn't clear on my blog, being outdoorsy is the furthest thing I could possibly be. I was seduced into this trip by the following activities: swimming in the lake, copious consumption of wine and quality time with my bestie. We also indulged in morning mimosas, tasty burgers and delicious s'mores to end the night. However being the camping novice that I am, I did not realize how much preparation goes into meals in the woods, how warm it gets in a tent during the midday or how vicious mosquitos could really be. Either way, it was a really fun weekend with some of our favorite people and it's only a few short weeks until our next camping trip with my family!


Wine HotToTrotIn preparation for our camping trip, Rob and I were responsible for purchasing the drinks for the weekend. My vino heart beats fast for a red blend so I was on the hunt for our 3rd bottle for $10 or less bottle when 14 hands Hot to Trot caught my eye. When 3 of us sampled the wine (Rob not being much of a wine drinker), I was pleased that we all liked it. I particularly loved the dark fruity notes and although it had a medium to long finish, I enjoyed how the full bodied taste lingered longer. When I did a little research into Hot to Trot, I was also pleasantly surprised that the blend was mostly merlot, which is traditionally my least favorite varietal. Overall, I'd definitely buy this blend again, especially for that price!

Hot to Trot - 14 Hands
State: Washington
Varietal: Blend - Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
(Local) Price: $8.99 from Sam's Club, Online here.
Rating: A (especially for the price!)

And before Hot to Trot starts selling out nationwide due to my review (HA!), I have to add my disclaimer for all my wine reviews. First of all, I'm by no means a wine expert. I like what I like, cheap or expensive, I don't discriminate based on anything except my tastebuds alone. I do tend to like reds a LOT more than whites so I will be biased in that sense. Secondly, I buy all the wines I plan to review, unless the wine gods decide to smile upon me and it just shows up on my doorstep. Either way, I PROMISE to tell you if I ever receive a wine complimentary and I will be honest with my review always. 

How was your weekend? Are you much of a wine drinker yourself?

xo, Evani

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Wine-d Down: Camping and Hot to Trot Wine

  1. I love the title of this series! So smart! Sounds like a great weekend! I'm looking forward to your wine reviews 🙂

  2. Confession: I pick all my wine based on how cool the label looks and the price tag. I tried this new wine that I got from Target called "Firecracker"... Sooooo good! Really fruity white wine and $9.99! P.S. How many mosquito bites did you get? I went on a trip to the woods a couple weeks ago and ended up with 12 bites! (2 of them smack on my forehead haha!)

  3. Eva

    cute cute! Sounds like your camping trip wasn't too painful after all! I was in Tahoe this weekend and I am SUN-BURNT!

  4. What a fun series! Looks like you had a great time. S'mores are my favorite part about camping! I'm game for overnight tent camping, but no wilderness backpacking for me. 😛

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