Weekends are made for this

Weekends are what I live for...

Wine Tasting with Auva

Blooper photos with my BFF...

Wine Tasting with Auva

Those (semi) sunny winter days made for skinny jeans and boots...

Wine Tasting with Auva

Finding that photo backdrop you adore...

Thirt13en Sacramento

Date nights trying new local restaurants (and wine!) ...

Bogle Vineyard and I are getting pretty serious. I'm thinkin about taking it to the next level and making a real commitment... Anyone else in a wine club membership? 😉

Date night with Rob is such a necessary part of our weekends. It really keeps us connected and gives us time to unwind as a couple.

I love the feedback I got on warming up my hair color and I've decided to take the plunge! So excited, thank you for all your sweet suggestions.

Rob and I are in 4th place in the contest! I hope we get chosen as finalists. Vote here if you haven't done so yet!

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How was your weekend? What do you live for on your days off?

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16 thoughts on “Weekends are made for this

  1. I was fighting a cold this weekend, but the good news is all the relaxing helped me cure it! On weekends, I live for sleeping in (well, an hour extra maybe), spending time with my boyfriend when we see each other (long distance), catching up on TV, blogging and having time to cook more elaborate breakfasts/lunches.

  2. Looks like it was such a fun weekend! On weekends, we really enjoy just sitting around and doing nothing, haha. But this past weekend we went and got some new home decor stuff for our house, which I'm totally in love with. So now I feel like we were semi-productive, yay! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I was supposed to work on Saturday, but they called me off at 7AM. I've been working on finding things in my apartment to sell. I've love to sell all my treasures by April.

  4. I love a good weekend and this looks like it was a great one! Skinny jeans and boots are my favorite fall/winter staples. I can't wait to see your hair when you get it done, it's going to look fantastic!

  5. I live for laziness on my weekends but usually spend it cleaning, organizing and running errands. I want a wine membership SO very much but refuse to pay the price for it. I'll make it easy on myself and just get a new bottle to try every week.

  6. I look forward to sleeping later than 6 am. And making breakfast. And not going to work. That's my favorite part of weekends: not working.

  7. I love your outfit... skinny jeans and boots are my favorite. Your photos are making me want to visit a winery! One of my favorite pinot gris is made at a winery just a few miles from our house and I've never visited which seems SO crazy. I went trail running over the weekend... felt so nice to be outside in the sun!

  8. Glad you've decided to go with the color change! I've never been to a wine vineyard before ... I must do this asap when the weather warms up 🙂

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