We’ve officially lost it.

I've always said I am somewhat of a masochist, meaning I enjoy experiencing pain. I'm talking in the non-Fifty-Shades-of-Gray way, you dirty birds.

We got a puppy. A mere 5 days ago, we were a 1 dog family, with just a 2 year old, potty trained and well mannered dog that we call Shay .


But new to the family is our 3 month old Chorkie (chihuahua-yorkie) Hunter!



Rob's cousin had 6 puppies and she was offering them on Facebook before taking them to the SPCA. My instant thought was how nice it'd be to have a companion for Shay. We brought Shay to see the litter and she was fairly uninterested but we noticed a sweet blonde pup was interested in her. We scooped him up and he instantly put his wet nose to my mouth, licked my cheek and I was smitten.



At a whooping 5.1 pounds, he's incredibly cuddly, affectionate and a total nightmare when it comes to teething. And house training... phew lemme tell ya. We live on the 2nd floor of an apartment so Rob and I are getting some exercise on those stairs. And by some exercise, I mean we have to take Hunter out once every hour, at least. His favorite thing in the world is tug of war. And Rob, who hibernates like a bear, has adjusted wonderfully to the middle of the night bathroom break (he's too good to me). Kudos to all of you who have raised a puppy into a well adjusted house-trained dog, you seriously deserve an award.


Please for the love of God, teach me your ways! No seriously, if you have an tips or tricks for raising a puppy, leave me any suggestions in the comments below.

We're crate training Hunter and so far it's going great and he's sleeping for 7 hours without accidents. He's the sweetest thing, and I know Shay will come around to loving the little guy eventually. So far, she's been a patient big sister and rather understanding considering what a whirlwind puppy we've brought into the house.

And yes, this is a sign we are not moving into (human) parenthood anytime soon (Sorry family!). We've got some big life changes coming up in the next year that I'll tell you about, as soon as they're confirmed and kids are pretty far off the horizon right now. Don't worry, our pups will keep us busy.

Love you, miss you and can't wait to share some OFFICIAL wedding photos with you tomorrow!!



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10 thoughts on “We’ve officially lost it.

  1. girl i don't even remember how i potty trained chimmy. pretty much i took him out multiple times to the backyard so he pretty much knows what to do when that door is open. since i neutered him late, he still has that "marking" habit and "marks" his spots occasionally -_- he is also doggy pad trained, and that helps!

  2. Katie

    It was a rough first week with Milo for sure but he got the hang of it. Patience is what it takes... And a lot of floor cleaner

  3. Cute! Potty training, furry pet or child, is not easy. 😛 Looking forward to hearing your big news and seeing your wedding photos!

  4. OMG! He is the cutest EVER!!!!! I'm dying! We rescued Jessie at just 10 weeks old so we went through the whole puppy thing if you need any advice! xoxo

  5. What a little cutie!! That's how they getcha. They pull you in with their cute faces and happy tail wagging, and then you remember that they are still totally okay with peeing on your floor and going about their day haha I remember potty training Allegra- so not fun. We crate trained her at night and while we were at work and she did really well with that. We totally skipped over the puppy pads because we wanted her to just go outside so when we were home we would take her out to try going to the bathroom once an hour. When she got a little better, we'd just take her out within an hour of eating or drinking.

    I can't wait to hear your news!

  6. nibzel

    my dog looks kinda like yours can you tell me the breed but any ways what i did was when my dog peed or pooped inside i hit him in the nose with news paper and put him outside with water and food and left him for about 10min and then he learned

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