What’s New Magoo?

It's been about 4 weeks since I last chimed in here on the good ole blog so I figured I'd catch you up to speed on how things are going:

  • So if you read my last entry, you'll know that Rob started a live-in academy to become a law enforcement officer which means I've been living like a single gal Monday-Friday. Which is only partially true because I go home to see my family often (an easy 20 minute drive down the freeway) so I'm usually only alone 1-2 days a week. The upside to living solo? My choice of dinner!
    Dinner as a single LadyAhi poke is so tasty and easy to make and I shucked those oysters all by myself at home! Only have a few battle wounds from the shucking knife but I survived.
  • I have to brag about how proud I am of my husband. Rob is working his butt off in that academy. It was a big adjustment for both of us but we're starting to understand our new normal and we're already 1 month down, so only 5 months to go. And because I can't get over it, let me show you how much weight Rob has lost in 1 month at the academy:
    Rob's weight lossHe's going to be at his high school weight by the end of this, and probably more!
  • I really thought by now, I might've put Hunter in a box with a sign that said "free puppy" outside our local grocery store. Okay... not really but I wasn't sure I could handle a 4 month old puppy by myself on top of working full time but luckily, I've discovered that I can. He's growing so fast and it breaks my heart everyday because I want him to stay miniature. I'm crying just looking at these photos, where has my puppy gone?!?
    Hunter growing
  • So now you might be asking yourself, "What the heck has Evani been up to with all her free time without blogging?" The answer to that question is a general "nothing." Except for the fact I have become recently obsessed with cooking shows and cooking in general. There will be more on this later, in my 26th birthday post on Friday!
  • My free time also goes to co-managing all of mine and Rob's fantasy football teams. And by co-managing, I mean I'm actually managing, because Rob has so little time to be invested in anything beyond his well being at the academy. So I'm currently running 6 fantasy football teams including my AMAZING Girls of the Gridiron league!! Which somehow I'm in last place... hmmmm.
    Girls of the Gridiron League
  • I fell for yet another Apple trap and I have the iPhone 6. The screen size is wonderful. So. In. Love.

So what's new with you?? Share something new or exciting to me in the comments below and I'll make sure to pop over to your blog and read the last few posts! 🙂



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5 thoughts on “What’s New Magoo?

  1. Yum, those meals look delicious! And thanks for hosting Girls of the Gridiron! It's been so much fun! PS: I've been reading your other blog and it's fascinating learning about the process behind becoming an officer. You're doing so great and it's clear that Rob has an awesome support system behind him 🙂

  2. oh hello Rob. Lookin fly, friend.
    Hunter is so cuteeeee... When I was in Europe, seeing all these dogs in the train, RESTAURANTS, MARKET, made me miss Chimmy.

  3. Awww, hunter is the cutest! I feel you about the mon-fri singleness as I only see my bf on weekends - for now. It was so hard at the beginning! Thank god for the furry friends. 😉

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