Wine at Work and Sister Wives

Happy Friday everyone!!

Since I wasn't having the best day yesterday, I was in need of a major pick me up. 2 really awesome things happened:

1. They served wine at my work party for the first time. I always told myself that I'll know I've made it in the world if my work served alcohol at a function and 3 years later it's finally happened. I then proceeded to eat twice as much as I normally would so I could compensate for the wine. (Don't worry Mom and Dad, I drank sensibly and made sure I ate a million pieces of bread felt comfortable driving afterwards).

2. I went to go visit my bestie in her new apartment. The best friendships in life are ones where you don't have to plan ANYTHING and it's still exactly what you needed (a.k.a. Auva and I sat on a couch, ate cheese and crackers and drank a glass of wine. We're adventurous like that). 4 hours passed by before we knew it and I was sad to go. Days like that make me think being a sister wife wouldn't be so bad (minus the whole sharing a husband thing) because I'd LOVE to share a house with my best friend and raise our kids together. Is that weird? Oh well, I already said it.

Then this morning, I was listening to NPR StoryCorps and the next thing you know, I'm crying in my car. Today's story was about Jeff, a man with amnesia disorder who gets his memory wiped clean every time he has an attack. My heart was breaking for his wife Penny who was retelling him the story of their engagement to which he has no personal memories of. But the last part of the segment had me bawling where Jeff said, "You have no idea how thankful and grateful I am to have you in my life. After my last episode when I came into the house, I knew I could trust you from the look in your eyes. I knew that that's where I should be," he says. "If I lose my memory again, I will still love you. I will always love you." If you have a moment, definitely check it out here (Press the blue play button at the top of the article). Source: NPR

On top of feeling really thankful for remembering everyday of the 7 years Rob and I have shared together, I then remembered I'll be here, this time next week!

Nothing better to look forward to than being at my favorite place!

What are your weekend plans? Have you had your holiday parties at work already?

Have a great end of the week!

In case you missed it, this week on the blog:

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15 thoughts on “Wine at Work and Sister Wives

  1. #2 totally cracked me up. Haha. I really didn't expect for it to go in the direction it did. I thought you were going to say you watched Sister Wives with your friend... but no, haha. Whatever, you already said and I already read it and there is just no turning back now. 🙂

    I wish I could go to disney as often as you, I'm so jealous. Have fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Take me to Disneyland with you! I love it there this time of year. Also, if Steve would let me, I'd have my best friend move in our house in a heartbeat. Sleepovers every night?? Yes please!

  3. Having friends who you can just chillax and not have to dress up is the best! Serioussssly.
    Booze + Work= Awesome. Period. Unless you have to pay for it haha

    No big weekend plans, just lots of baking, you?

  4. Disneyland again?! So jealous! I have never been during the Christmas season and am determined our next trip will be during that time! And I had a good laugh about your work and feeling like a grown up! It's always the little funny things like that that remind me how old I am getting!!! And I second your thoughts at friendships where you can just be together. Those are the best ones!

  5. That is the sweetest story! It makes me tear up just from what you said. And girl friends are the best, you can just be neighbors forever:)

  6. I teared up just from reading that story! Love is so powerful!
    And I had my work holiday party last was such a blast (yes, alcohol was served lol). I'm going to Disney on Friday ahhhh 🙂


  7. Totally agree that in the best friendships you don't have to plan anything! And that story about the man and his incredible!!

  8. I really love Disneyland and wish i could visit it this time of year!.

    Also its awesome when your job serves alcohol at the holiday party, makes you feel all grown up

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