You Get an Update! You Get an Update!

Lol not sure why but when I was brainstorming blog titles, that Oprah meme of "You get a ______!" popped into my head and then I stuck the word update into the blank spot and called it day. The fact I had to explain means it wasn't a very good title but now ya know. 

So update-wise, here's what we've got goin on:

  • Rob has been in the academy for 13 weeks now! Isn't that insane? We are halfway done with his time there. Surprisingly enough, I feel like I've adjusted well to his absence and I've realized how capable I am in doing lots of things without him. That's not to say I don't miss him constantly but it wasn't a huge existential crisis like I thought it'd be. Now I'm just praying he makes it all the way!
  • Also, he's lost 50 lbs so far and looks incredible. Sometimes it feels like I went and got myself a new man. Haha. Sorry the most recent photo I have is Halloween....
  • Hunter is 7 months old and growing! He's officially "longer" than Shay but much thinner and when they wrestle, it's become much more of a fair fight. 
  • I've restarted meeting  with a trainer at the gym again and it's every bit as painful as when I started up last year. Mehhhhhhh.
  • Oh! I chopped off some hair lately. It's probably the shortest it's ever been in 5 years but in all actuality, it's not really short at all. I'll try and snap a good picture to show you soon. 
  • My baby sister turned 18 recently and I'm taking her to Disneyland this weekend to celebrate! I haven't been in 6 months (I know, whaaaaaaa!?!) sooooooo expect a flurry of Disney photos on my Instagram this weekend. And the holiday decor is up already! Sorry I'm not sorry... 😀

Amazing photo via Tours Departing Daily

What have you been up to? Give me the deets in the comment section, because I miss you!



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5 thoughts on “You Get an Update! You Get an Update!

  1. Eva

    Great to hear from you - it's been too long! Work's been busy and I'm officially done traveling for the year (I think). I have one more wedding to attend this year and I'm super excited. Beyond that, all is well - Scandal is giving me so much anxiety. I am missing you and Chidala and would love to find time to catch up with you ladies. Misss you!!!

  2. I've missed you!!! Wow Rob looks great, good for him! And I want to see your short (but not really) hair, haha. That picture of disneyland looks magical.

    Not much going on with me besides you know, hanging with my baby girl. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. aww man, right when my pass has expired 🙁
    and man, 50lbs??????? Maybe I should join the academy. I really, really, really don't have willpower and I have laziness to the Nth degree. Hahahah #sad

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